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Warm welcome bali star tour welcome to Bali my name is I Made Mayyawan, you can call me Made Colix. I am balinese, a profesional tour organizer in bali and english speaking tour driver and guide i am familiar with most place of interest to tourists and the major attrractions of explanations of the various features, you can experience our wonderful island, i can make suggestions of where it is the best to stay, see, do, buy depending on your focus i can also make recomendations based on fair comparisons depending on your needs and wants during your tour above of all your safety is my primary consern i look forward to welcoming you to bali, a place i hope you came back to..... Again and again
Best Bali has to offer (made)



There are countless locations around Bali that have remained largely 'unaffected' by the impact of tourism. The outer boundaries of Ubud offer some delightful scenic walks that trail along the edge of rice terraces or there are guided tours through the National Park in west Bali. Other trekking destinations take in the surrounding areas of Titra Gangga and the cool mountainous lakes at Bedugul. Independent trekkers are encouraged to engage a local guide, wear sensible shoes and bring along ample bottled water to avoid dehydration.


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