Welcome to Bali

Warm welcome bali star tour welcome to Bali my name is I Made Mayyawan, you can call me Made Colix. I am balinese, a profesional tour organizer in bali and english speaking tour driver and guide i am familiar with most place of interest to tourists and the major attrractions of explanations of the various features, you can experience our wonderful island, i can make suggestions of where it is the best to stay, see, do, buy depending on your focus i can also make recomendations based on fair comparisons depending on your needs and wants during your tour above of all your safety is my primary consern i look forward to welcoming you to bali, a place i hope you came back to..... Again and again
Best Bali has to offer (made)



Catching the most-wanted big fishes from the sea is not longer your dream. If you have never tried fishing, then during your holiday in Bali you are advised to do so. We can take you to the best fishing spots in Bali Ocean with complete equipments you might expect. Enjoy splendid fishing experience with us, an exciting tour exploring the ocean with speed boat to fish the tropical fishes. Our professional fisherman will accompany you conquering the big fishes throughout the Bali Ocean. You will be challenged to prove your fishing expertise and of course we will be your witnesses.


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